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If you visit any of my social network site, you’ll find above link in my bio, or in description of my profile. now, the question is “why I am doing it?” Keep reading, and you’ll get the answer.

  • By building up a network of people around you who have similar passion and are headed in the same direction, you increase your likelihood of success. Here are some benefits of networking that will help you appreciate it even more.

Connections :

You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Networking can also open the door to establishing friendships with successful, influential people you otherwise may never have rubbed shoulders with. The connections benefit is where the “network effect” actually kicks in: The people you network with have established networks of their own, and they become accessible to you as well.

Opportunities :

By yourself, you have the ability to generate opportunities. No matter what business you are in, networking will present you with the opportunity to embark on a joint venture, to join a partnership, to speak at a conference or write for a journal, to sell or buy a business; the opportunities presented are too numerous to list. Same applies to employee and employers. But, but…. Make sure that you do not just jump on every opportunity that floats to you. Instead, carefully examine each one and decide whether or not it is in your lane. The ones you end up taking should align well with your vision for your career; otherwise, you will get “opportunity fatigue” from partially chasing every opportunity and never getting anywhere.

Referrals :

referrals works like this

The potential for an increase in business is likely the biggest reason many business owners decide that they should join a networking group. Not only are referrals generated through your network normally high-quality (and free!), but they may even be pre-qualified for you. In addition, the person who refers you may, at their discretion, give a recommendation for you. The hard work has been done; you only need to follow up with the referrals in order to turn them into clients.

Positive influence :

It is vital for you to develop a robust network of people who encourage you in your work, ensuring that you have the roots necessary to grow as a business owner. Fortunately, the type of people who network are generally positive by nature.

Advice :

Imagine easily being able to talk to someone who has already gone through the exact situation you are experiencing in business or your niche , field , profession…

– no matter what that situation is. A network offers a cadre of like-minded people who can give you advice on anything related to your business or personal life, work-life balance..etc.

Spoiler alert- Make sure, however, you take the right kind of advice. No one knows the details of the situation you are going through like you do. So instead of taking “do” advice from people, take “think” advice from people; in other words, take the advice of people who help you understand how to think about a situation — not someone who tells you what to do.

Satisfaction from helping others :

Helping others is central to networking. In fact, if you do not use your network to give back to others, it will quickly die. When you see that opportunity to help others, take it.

Friendship :

“Friendship” might seem like an unprofessional addition to a list on the benefits of networking. But business owners need friends perhaps even more than others.

Because the people you network with are like-minded, friendships will naturally form. And you meet with them regularly, so it is easy to maintain the friendship over the long term.

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